Free, immediate check of spun articles. Article rewriters were not created equal, and if we can detect spun text, then so can search engines. Test your content today.

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Why Check Your Rewritten Articles?

Several common use cases

SEO Professionals

Evaluate spinning software to find the best. Check your spun content before passing it on to your clients.

Website Owners

Don't let poorly spun content be associated with your website. See your content the way that Google does.

NLP Developers

Score paraphrasing tools to find which are the best for your projects.

How it Works

Content spinners and how we check them

Anatomy of a Spinner Article spinners (aka rewriters) use simple paraphrasing techniques to create alternate versions of a given text. Sometimes a single piece of input text is used to generate dozens of "unique" articles.

Stylometric Check for Spinners Each article rewriter is essentially an author, and as such, has its own writing style that can be detected through statistical techniques and machine learning.

Fast, Free, and Simple Check Paste the content that you are wanting to check into the checker's text box. Click Submit. That's it. 100% FREE. No Signup. Immediate results.

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Let us know what you think of our service

I'm not sure how you do it, but it works. NEW COMPANY POLICY - All new content must be checked by SpinMeNot before going live.
Jonathan Schuster
Digital Marketer
I didn't realize how easily rewritten articles could be detected by computer algorithms. Your service is an eye opener. We have since moved on to other sources of content generation.
Emily Sanders
SEO Specialist
Your service has been very helpful for evaluating paraphrasing tools. Thank you.
Henry Blacksmith