Probability Spun
Interpreting Your Results
Probability Spun
A simple pass/fail test would be nice, but there is always some uncertainty as to whether a text is spun or not. The "Probability Spun" quantifies the confidence of our predictive model that the input text is generated from an article spinner. Roughly speaking, a probability less than 40% indicates the input text is not spun, 40-60% is questionable, and above 60% is likely spun.
Highlighted Text
In addition to the probability calculation, Spin Me Not highlights portions of the text that are indicative of an article rewriter. The greater the percentage of your text is highlighted, the more likely it is to be spun.
Helpful Resources
Many our users will find the following resources helpful for improving English:
Common Questions
Q: It looks like my article is probably spun. What should I do?
A: Contact the person who created it and let them know what you discovered. If you paid for human-created content, be sure to demand it.

Q: How can I reduce the Probability Spun?
A: Rewriting the highlighted phrases should cause the probability to drop.

Q: How can I use this tool in bulk?
A: Email us and tell us about your use case and volume needs.