Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to check spun content?

Article spinners (or “rewriters”) produce lots of content from a single piece of text. Most automated paraphrasers cannot produce the same level of writing as a human, and the resulting content produced is quite poor. If you are using an article spinner, consider this a method of testing its quality.

How does your service detect rewritten or spun content?

When a spinner rewrites your content, it leaves clues that indicate it was rewritten by an article spinner rather than a human. Our proprietary AI system utilizes Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to calculate the probability that the given text is spun based on the clues in the text (without relying on plagiarism checking or comparison to external sources).

So my content is spun. Why should I care?

Marketers & Website Owners: If we can tell that your content is from an article rewriter, then so can Google. Unoriginal, poorly-worded content is exactly what Google has gone on record against. Consider the first Panda Update designed to penalize sites with garbage content. Our probability score is a good indicator of how Google views your content.

NLP Researchers: The accuracy of your paraphraser is important so that the synthetic text data you are producing improves the accuracy of your model rather than reducing it. Consider the SpinMeNot probability score a good indicator of paraphrasing accuracy.

Should I believe the hype about Spinner XYZ?

Not all spinners are created equal, but even some that may seem to produce decent output can be easily detected by our checker. If you have had someone write content for you, then check it with our service to see if it’s a spinned article. Or, if you are evaluating paraphrasing software, check the output here first.

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